WIN a £20 iTunes voucher to celebrate the launch of Professor Hallux’s Hearing Helpdesk @ Funkidslive

    PRODUCT: iTunes vouchers
    PERIOD: Once
    Professor Hallux is back to learn more about the human body!
    Since the Science Swimming Gala, Hallux has had a bit of trouble with his hearing… so him and Nurse Nanobot are discovering how our ears work!
    They’ll be finding out what’s inside the ear, how loud noises can damage your hearing and why gooey and gross earwax actually does a really important job!
    You can hear Professor Hallux’s Hearing Helpdesk all this week from 5pm in The Club with Bex! We’re giving away a £20 iTunes voucher so you can hear some awesome new tunes!

    Which of these tools is also the name of a tiny bone inside your ear?

    A. Spanner
    B. Screwdriver
    C. Hammer >>My answer

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