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The new year can be a bit hellish after the Christmas period. No more pigging out. No more time off work. However, it’s the perfect time to kick bad habits and to get in shape. Every January sees people trying to eat healthier and hit the gym more. Beanies coffee is the perfect partner for these health kicks. Clocking in at a fabulous two calories per serving, they are the perfect sweet and indulgent treat.

To help ease you into the New Year, Your Home has teamed up with Beanies flavoured coffee to offer a Stashbox variety pack, worth £22.50, to 22 lucky winners. The Stashbox includes nine moreish flavours, ranging from Very Vanilla to Irish Cream, meaning there’s a perfect flavour for any time of the day.

To see the full range of fantastic flavours visit www.beaniesflavourco.co.uk.

How to have a healthy new year without kicking the sweet treats from Beanies

So here we are at the start of another brand spanking new year. Every year starts the same; with a slew of big ideas about getting fit and eating more healthily. However, most of the time, these are nothing but broken promises by February and March. Well not this year! We chatted to Beanies Flavour Company to find out how you can keep your healthy intentions without losing out. Beanies believe the best way to succeed with your new year’s ambitions is by rewarding yourself with tasty treats. Make no mistake, there won’t be a cream laden cake in sight. Instead, head for these foods and drinks that are low in fat and calories but big in flavour.

Use honey as a natural sweetener
Honey is a great alternative to refined sugar, providing that you use it correctly. It’s true that a teaspoon of honey contains roughly the same amount of calories as a teaspoon of sugar, but honey is much sweeter, which means you can use less to achieve the same delicious result. In fact, honey is perfect for breakfast time. Simply add a drizzle to some natural yoghurt, chopped fruit and berries for a luxurious way to start the day.

Sample some smoothies
Smoothies are a great way to appease your sweet tooth. Best of all, they’re really easy to whip up - all you need is some fresh fruit and a blender. These nifty, fruit packed drinks are a good way to increase your fruit and veg intake. They’re also the perfect alternative to raiding the cupboard for a mid morning snack as they can be made as light or filling as you fancy. For a more filling smoothie, add oats and yogurt to your pre blended mix.

Look at your tea and coffee intake
We all love a good cuppa. However, if you drink lots of tea and coffee throughout the day, you could be adding lots of unnecessary calories into your diet. Even if you put a small amount of milk and sugar in your drinks, it all adds up in the end. But that doesn’t mean you have to be stuck drinking bitter black coffee. Instead, try a cup of Beanies’ indulgent flavoured coffees. Each cup clocks in at a super skinny two calories, which makes it a fab guilt-free treat.

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