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    Win a brand new series from the creator of Beast Quest…TEAM HERO!

    Jack knows he’s different, but until he meets Mrs Steel from Hero Academy, he thinks he’s the only one…

    Now, under the guidance of Chancellor Rex, Jack must learn to harness his power along with his classmates as the evil General Gore prepares the ultimate army to fight against them. With four exciting stories in the first series, don’t miss your ticket to Hero Academy!

    Book 1: Battle for the Shadow Sword | RRP £4.99
    When a portal from the evil underground realm of Noxx is discovered beneath Hero Academy, Jack and the rest of Team Hero must work to stop the next invasion.

    Book 2: Attack of the Bat Army | RRP £4.99
    There’s a new evil escaping from the dark realm of Noxx. The team must harness their special powers to stop the bat army from destroying the world.

    Book 3: Reptile Reawakened | RRP £4.99
    Hero academy is under threat. It has been infiltrated by an enemy agent. Jack and the team must discover who it is before the secret spy can tear their world apart.

    Book 4: The Skeleton Warrior | RRP £4.99
    General Gore’s evil army has kidnapped Jack’s friend, Danny. It’s time for Team Hero to take the fight underground, right into the heart of darkness.

    How many exciting stories are in the first series of Team Hero?

    My Answer:-- 4
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