Win a case of Villa Primavera Frascati (12 bottles)

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Discover Fontana Candida Frascati: savoury, pleasantly powerful and elegant.

Throughout the world, Fontana Candida is synonymous with Frascati. This ancient wine, born in the Roman hills, has been a staple of Roman culture for almost 2,000 years and has deservedly been called ‘the wine of popes and of the people’. While the popes drank Frascati daily, the people would drink it on important Vatican occasions only.

Thankfully, you can savour the delights of this light, tasty wine, with a dry, crisp finish – whenever you choose. One sip and you can see why leaders of old were keen to keep much of it for themselves. You will also discover just why Frascati, as a fine wine, has stood the test of time and grown in popularity around the world.

The Fontana Candida at Wetherspoon is the most popular Frascati in the world. The current custodian, charged with maintaining its hard-earned respect and reputation for quality, is Mauro Merz.
Mauro is a proud man who has spent half of his 50 years as a winemaker, driven with a passion for white wines, as he explains: “To be a successful winemaker, you can’ t be anything other than passionate about wine. My role is simply to create something from the collective labour of many hard-working and dedicated men and women.”


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