WIN a complete set of Tanglewood books 16 & under only @ PDSA

WIN a complete set of Tanglewood books.

All you have to do is answer the following question - Which elephants have the biggest ears, African or Indian? The deadline for this competition is 6 August 2017. Remember that you MUST be 16 or under to enter.
We asked the author of the Tanglewood series of books, Tamsyn Murray, a few questions. Here's what she said:

What inspired you to write about animals?

I've been animal-obsessed for as long as I can remember and we always had lots of pets. Many of my books feature animals but the Tanglewood series is definitely the most fur-filled - it's a very good thing I live near an excellent zoo or I would probably have a lot more pets...I just can't resist their furry little faces!

Is Tanglewood Animal Park completely fictional or based on a real place?

Hmmm...it's both! I live quite close to Paradise Wildlife Park and I often visit with my little boy, who is also animal-mad. In fact, that's where I first had the idea for a book set in a zoo and I certainly use it for research and inspiration - anyone who knows PWP well enough might recognise some of the animals. But Tanglewood itself is completely made up; I drew pictures of the manor house where Zoe and her family live and created a map so that I would be able to describe what my characters see when they walk around the park.

Do you have any pets of your own?

I think you already know the answer to this! I do have one or two pets - five rabbits, one cat and an extremely naughty dog called Lillie. And I think that's quite enough for now, although I do often tell readers that I'd really like a unicorn...

If you could be any animal, what would you be and why?

This is a tough question! I don't think I'd like to be something small and furry - they're cute but too easily picked off by predators. I wouldn't mind being a big cat - a tiger or a snow leopard - something near to the top of the food chain. But having written Elephant Emergency, my favourite animal at the moment is the elephant. They are so intelligent and caring - I've fallen head over heels in love with them. So I'd like to be an elephant but I'd have to be the matriarch - the one in charge - so I could boss everyone around!

Have you got any ideas for next animal adventure in the book series?

I have so many ideas for future Tanglewood books! I get a lot of requests to write about wolves and some readers have asked me for a snake story. But there's a big clue in Elephant Emergency about which animal I might write about next - you'll have to read it to find out!

In your books, Zoe’s parents own a zoo, would you have liked to have grown up in a zoo?

Are you kidding? I would have LOVED to have grown up in a zoo - not actually in the zoo, of course, because I'm not cute or furry enough, but in a house right in the middle. Can you imagine having a real-life lion roar as your alarm call in the morning? Or listening to the gibbons whooping and calling to each other as you're dozing off to sleep? Having so many amazing animals right on my doorstep would have been my ultimate dream as a child; at least now I get to live it through the Tanglewood stories.

Have you got any tips for anyone wanting to be an author?

Funnily enough I do - the most important thing I say to anyone who wants to write is that they must be a reader. I learned how to be a writer just by reading other people's stories and absorbing everything that happened inside the pages - the way the action ebbed and flowed, how the characters spoke to each other, the fact that they usually wanted something that was hard or almost impossible to get...and the really great thing about slipping into an imaginary world is that you're learning and growing and changing without even knowing it's happening. And it's fun! So what are you doing still reading this? Go on, go and read a book. Go, go, GO!

Please note - You have to be 16 or under to enter this competition.

Which elephants have the biggest ears, African or Indian?

My Answer:-- African
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