Win a copy of Japanese Patisserie @ cakes and sugarcraft

Found 26th Jul 2017
Win a copy of Japanese Patisserie.

Fusion food can be magical – when cuisines and cultures collide combining flavours, ingredients and methods to create new classics.

The art of French pâtisserie appeals very much to Japanese culture, with shared values of precision, beauty and care within cooking.

Pastry chef and Product Development Manager for Marks & Spencer, James Campbell, shares his passion for Japanese ingredients in this book. The recipes offer the confident home-baker the tools to try this delicious, contemporary take on pâtisserie for themselves.

What You Could Win

We have three copies of Japanese Pâtisserie by James Campbell (Ryland Peters & Small) worth £16.99 to give away – one each for three lucky winners!

How to Enter

Simply enter your name and email address into the box below by midnight on Wednesday 30th August and the winners will be picked at random in the days that follow. Good luck!
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