Win a copy of the album, Rolling Stones: Live Licks…20/01/05

Found 27th Dec 2004
Get your lips around this!
Live Licks is the latest offering from the Rolling Stones - 23 stonking tracks recorded during their 2002/2003 tour. Want to get your hands on a copy? Well, read on...

Did you know that the Rolling Stones first played Cambridge in 1963, when they were a band of struggling rockers with just the one chart hit to their name? No? Thought not, because youre probably way too young to even realise that there was such a thing as 1963.

Well, although the wrinkly rock legends are unlikely to ever play our fair town again, fear not, because we've got our greedy mitts on a copy of the brilliant album, Rolling Stones: Live Licks and we want to give it away to you. Oh yes, we do.

Question: What is the name of the Stones' lead vocalist?

Mick Jagger

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