Win a copy of The One Man and a Red Letter Day voucher @ jazzfm

    Win a copy of The One Man and a Red Letter Day voucher.

    To celebrate the release of The One Man, the thrilling new novel from Andrew Gross we are offering you the chance to win a copy of the book plus a £200 Red Letter Day voucher along with a £300 wine voucher.

    About the Book:

    Poland, 1944

    Alfred Mendl counts down his final days within the confines of a hell on earth. His family was torn away from him on arrival; his life’s work was burned before his eyes. Now his only joy comes from watching the occasional game of chess. To the guards he is unassuming, but in fact Mendl – a leading physicist – holds knowledge that only two people in the world possess. The other person is working hard for the Nazi war machine.

    Four thousand miles away . . .

    In Washington DC, intelligence lieutenant Nathan Blum decodes messages from occupied Poland. Having escaped the Krakow ghetto after the Nazis executed his family, Nathan thinks he has a safer future. But the US government has other ideas. They want to send Nathan back to Europe to rescue one man from a place no one can break in to – or out of.

    But even if Nathan does make it in, how on earth will they make it out alive?

    About the Author:

    Before writing his own bestselling thrillers, Andrew Gross co-authored five novels with James Patterson. His first novel, The Blue Zone, was an instant international bestseller.

    The One Man is a personal story for Andrew . . .
    'My father-in-law, Nathan Zorman, was raised in Warsaw, Poland, and, in a shift of fate that no doubt saved his life, he left in early 1939 to come to the United States, just months before the war.
    He never heard from anyone in his family again. In 1941, he enlisted in the U.S. Army and, was placed in the Intelligence Corps. Like many survivors, he never spoke a word about his experiences either during the war or while he was growing up in Poland. I always wanted to find a way to put his anguish in a book—the grief and the loss—the guilt at having survived so much of The One Man is based on truth.'

    What was the name of Andrew Gross' first novel?

    The Blue Zone>>>>>>>>My Answer
    The Red Zone
    The Yellow Zone






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