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Found 15th Jul 2016
Dave Mustaine the outspoken, not to say outrageous, Megadeth star is responsible not just for one or two signature guitars with US maker Dean, but an entire range that match his 'in your face' style. To celebrate our interview with the man and our review of his latest foray into signature territory - the astonishing Dean VNMT Holy Grail - we've teamed-up with our friends at Dean to offer GI readers the chance to win a V Dave Mustaine bolt-on guitar in our latest free entry competition!

Finished in metallic silver, the Dean V Dave Mustaine is an affordable way into the Dean Mustaine family but don't let the 'affordable' bit confuse you - this is still a hell of a guitar! Equipped with a pair of humbuckers, the 24 fret V boasts a metallic silver finished basswood body, maple neck with rosewood fretboard and has all the snarl and grunt you would hope for.

How do you win? It's easy! All you have to do is click to enter, simply answer the simple questions (tick A, B or C) and fill out the form! One lucky winner with the correct answers will be chosen at random and will end-up with this amazing Dean V Dave Mustaine guitar!

One of Dave Mustaine's pre-Megadeth bands was called...?
A/ Fear
B/ Horror
C/ Panic >>>>> my answer
Q2. The Dean VNMT Holy Grail features pickups made by which manufacturer?
A/ Bare Knuckles
B/ Seymour Duncan >>>>> my answer
C/ Lace
Q3. How many examples of the Dean VMNT Holy Grail are being produced?
A/ 33 >>>>> my answer
B/ 666
C/ 13
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