Win a Dell Outlook Notebook E: 07/09/06…gif
    The Dell Outlet Inspiron 6400 Notebook Contains the following components:
    Inspiron 6400 Pentium® M, 1.5Ghz, 15.0 XGA

    Microsoft® Windows® XP Home SP2
    256MB DIMM (333MHZ)
    40GB (5400RPM) HDD
    56k V.92 Modem MDC -Uk
    24x CDRW/24x DVD Combo Drive

    Please note that the specifications can be upgraded depending on availability.……gif


    Thanks for the compos Ray.

    Original Poster

    You're welcome The link works now too!

    thanks entered this one

    I'm not 16 yet, but entered anyway ;P

    Is this a special mail only "outlook" notebook Ray or could it be an outlet one

    Original Poster

    I think it's an Outlet one, whichever is available at the time That's if I'm reading this bit correctly: [FONT=Arial]

    [FONT=Arial]Please note that the specifications can be upgraded depending … [FONT=Arial]Please note that the specifications can be upgraded depending on availability.[/FONT]

    [FONT=Arial]Whoever wins can let us know [/FONT]

    Original Poster

    Doh! How stupid am I? Hehe :roll: A Dell Outlook Notebook... :lol:

    The outlook looks good for the winner, if Dell let out the Outlet notebook. If you receive an Outlook notebook instead of the Outlet notebook... Look out!

    ive always wanted an outbook notelet, cheers

    Winners can't be choosers.
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