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Found 14th Mar 2011
1. How many chocolate flakes are served up with Toby's delicious puddings per year?

A: 16 Million

2. Which of these puddings appeared for the very first time on the Toby Carvery pudding menu in March 2011?

B: Eton Mess

3. Which of these fruits would you find in a Toby Eton Mess?

C: Raspberry

4. What do the words Crème Brulee mean?

B: Burnt Cream

5. In which country did Tiramisu originate?

A: Italy

6. Which one of these ingredients is needed to make a Victoria Sponge cake?

C: Eggs

7. How much is a Strawberry Scone Cake at Toby Carvery?

B: £3.75

8. Which alcohol is traditionally used as an ingredient in Christmas Pudding?

C: Rum

9. Which of these savoury "puddings" is available at Toby Carvery in the evening?

A: Yorkshire Pudding

10. How many litres of custard are poured on to our puddings at Toby Carvery every year?

C: 1,493,895
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Hiya Hunnie, It goes in competitions, i will move and add picture just give me a sec xx

I scored 4/10

I gave you the answers oO

I gave you the answers oO


Or, you could try tobycarvery.co.uk/pud…rd/
and download the link for your free scoop of ice cream which is what the 'free pudding' is!
Nice thanks, should this be in freebies?

LOoooooooooooooooooooooooooool....Or, you could … LOoooooooooooooooooooooooooool....Or, you could tryhttp://www.tobycarvery.co.uk/puddings/reward/and download the link for your free scoop of ice cream which is what the 'free pudding' is!

Some people won other puddings on facebook
Aw love that post ST.

Hope you are well x x

I gave you the answers oO

Thanks DLM for posting...and that really made me laugh!
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