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Enter for your chance to win the Fully-Loaded T-Rex Effects Pedalboard. Total retail value $4,799.00. Giveaway ends May 19, 2014. Open to all territories except where prohibited by law. Click here to read the full rules.

Room-Mate Junior Reverb
MSRP: $399
Offers 4 state-of-the-art sounds algorithms for endless reverb options: SPRING, ROOM, HALL and LFO. Use the decay knob to adjust the length of your reverb trail in all four modes. It's also possible to use Room-Mate Junior in an effects loop without overloading the pedal’s input stage, by simply adjusting the INPUT GAIN knob accordingly.

Replica Delay
MSRP: $539
It's hard to believe that this delay pedal is digital. Our flagship Replica pedal offers the warmth of all-tube echo and also cool digital delay in studio quality. TIME, REPEAT, MIX and LEVEL knobs allow for quick, precise control. A Hi-Cut button cuts high frequencies on repeats - perfectly simulating the tone of a 60s era tape echo. With a simple flick of a switch you can alter the delay’s subdivision parameter from 1/4 to 1/8 triplets. A Tap Tempo switch allows you to easily sync right in time with your tune.

Duck Tail Dynamic Delay
MSRP: $399
Ducking is a complex effect that can really give your musical expression a lift. In quiet passages, the delay supports the special atmosphere you want to create. As you start to play harder, the delay recedes to let the notes you’re playing come through pure and uncluttered. In addition to ducking mode, the Duck Tail Delay gives you 2 non-ducking modes (Classic and Tape) and offers convenient Tap Tempo functionality.

Tapster Tremolo
MSRP: $399
A masterpiece of simplicity. Its only controls – apart from Tap Tempo control – are Depth, Rate, Volume and Subdivision. The Subdivision switch lets you choose how your tremolo pulsates to the beat – in quarter notes, eight notes, or eight-note triplets.

Twister 2 Chorus/Flanger
MSRP: $369
Packed with features that make sure you get chorus or flange your very own way, Twister-2 has a mono output for running through an amp on stage, and stereo outputs for the studio or live stereo setups. The brilliant Tone control lets you take some of the top off for a more subtle effect.

Octavius Tri-Tone Generator
MSRP: $369
Gives you that classic octave-down effect, but also lets you add in an octave-up so you can hit your audiences with a sonic wall of three-octave lead lines. Mix the octaves any way you want to create your own signature sound. Also features an adjustable boost button to help you lift your solos up above the mix.

Mean Machine Dual Distortion
MSRP: $369
This dual distortion pedal takes the spirit of early amplifier hot-rodding… and multiplies it exponentially. Like a vintage screaming street racer, the pedal is pared down to the bare essentials: its two channels each feature their own LEVEL, DRIVE and TONE controls, and that’s it.

Mudhoney II Dual High-Gain Distortion
MSRP: $369
Our beloved Mudhoney distortion pedal - times two. With two channels of vintage gain, you can easily switch between a clean sound from your amp, a nice edgy overdrive from the one Mudhoney channel and a thick warm distortion from the other channel – delivering deliciously dirty T-Rex tone all the way.

Møller 2 Overdrive
MSRP: $369
Roll this classic overdrive pedal all the way up with distortion maxed, and it sounds just like a vintage tube amp at full volume. Roll the Mix knob back a bit, and your clean signal starts to get through. Møller2 is armed with a 0-20 db Clean Boost, as well as a Mix control which lets you dial in the perfect balance between distorted and clean signals.

Alberta II Dual Overdrive
MSRP: $369
Our classic Alberta overdrive - doubled in quantity but the sonic and physical footprints are unchanged. With its 2 channels plus your amp's clean sound, Alberta II delivers a three-step rocket of creamy, responsive overdrive without sacrificing pedal board real estate.

Gull Wah
MSRP: $220
This innovative wah pedal features two distinct wah sounds – a light wah that’s great for clean guitars and rhythm parts and a heavy, smoking wah for distorted leads – plus the unique dual-filter yoy-yoy effect.

Fuel Tank Goliath Power Supply
MSRP: $399
With 7 isolated outlets delivering nearly 3000mA and the ability to handle 9V, 12V and 18V DC pedals plus a 12V AC box, Goliath will power almost every pedal you own – and then some. Each of Goliath’s standard outlets delivers a mammoth 450 mA of 9V or 12V power – which is enough to keep even the most demanding T-Rex pedals pumping out the tone. And on top of that, you get an 18V DC outlet (250mA) and a 12V AC outlet (450mA), a wealth of ferocious T-Rex power.

ToneTrunk 68 Pedal Board with Gig Bag
MSRP: $230
This rugged, well-designed pedal board comfortably accommodates up to 10 T-Rex pedals plus a power supply, and comes with a padded GigBag. ToneTrunk ensured that your pedals are in place when you're on stage – and safely stored away when you're not. Includes Velcro strips, and shoulder strap.

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