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Found 8th Dec 2015
It’s hamper week here at UKMums.TV and everyday we have an astonishing prize for you to get your hands on!

Today it’s all about those family laughs with our ‘Games Hamper’.

This hamper worth a tremendous amount of £150 is filled with a selection of board and card games for those family moments to cherish at Christmas time.

Included is:

1. Disney Pictopia- Discover playful trivia spanning decades of Disney magic, from animated classics and blockbuster movies, to television hits and dazzling theme park destinations. It's a game of teamwork -with a competitive twist!

2. Zip It - Compact enough to enjoy on an airplane tray-table, ZIP IT is the ultimate high speed, small space word race for two players!

3. Labrynth - A very exciting game! Be the first to collect all of your treasures by shifting the walls of the Labyrinth to create a clear path to get to them. Watch out for traps as the walls constantly move. This mysterious maze game is magic!

4. Disney Charades- Mime completely crazy Disney characters! Draw an 'I am' card and a 'Who' card. Your team has one minute to guess your Disney character and what they are doing.

5. Accentuate game- The guess-the-accent party game, now with Film Quotes – recite famous movie lines in a random accent and see if your team-mates can guess the accent, movie and year of release!

6. Lego Dimension - The LEGO® Dimensions™ Starter Pack is all players need to begin; build the base and embark on a fantastic quest. Available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Wii U, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

7. Minions Hit Them Out- Knock over Minions skittles and try to score 20 points in this fun throwing game! The game can be played both indoors and outdoors! Aim carefully and get more points for knocking over two-eyed Minions!

What can you win in this hamper?
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