Win a holiday to, errr, Egypt

"good luck"

Good luck indeed



Have friends on a Nile cruise at the moment.... no problems at all actually.

I'd still go! You could say you were there when history was made.
Apparently the tourists don't really notice much of all the protests.

lol hope its not to Cairo, went to the other end last year sharm el shiek. Absolutly beautiful, I would still go aswell. Its the way the country is being ran not the tourists.

Yes, it's meant to be ok in Sharm, but the FO advises against all non essential travel... On the other hand by the time they draw it it'll probably have been sorted out

Lol! Love the place, shame about what's happening at the moment but guess it'll get sorted soon.


I'm sure it'll be fine by the time the comp's won, booked and ready to be taken. The only problem with going now might be getting insurance.

Thanks for the comp.
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