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The days are getting shorter and there is a lovely autumnal chill in the air. Even the colours around us are changing, from the greens of summer to wonderfully warm golds and russets. The changing season also brings new challenges for our garden wildlife. The abundance of food that they have been enjoying is staring to decrease, and shortening daylight hours will give then less time to find food to take them through the longer, colder nights.

A hedgehog’s hibernation body temperature drops by 25°. It decreases so low that it almost matches the outside temperature. Similarly, their heart rate will slow down from 190 beats per minute to around 20, and one breath will be taken every few minutes. This results in a massive conservation of energy, giving the hedgehog a greater chance to survive through the winter on the fat reserves it is currently working so hard to build up.

This popular gift pack inlcudes:
• Royal Hedgehog House
• Hedgehog Bedding
• 250gr Ark Hedgehog Food Original
• 250gr Ark Hedgehog Mix
• Food Bowl
• Water Bowl
• Full colour Guide to Hedgehogs

During which season do British mammals and insects hibernate?
Winter >>>ANSWER



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I have had a Hedgehog house for 3 years now,not a sniff of one!

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Good luck Bill and thanks x
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