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    Win A HTC Mozart 7 With Windows Phone 7 @ Stuff

    Which landmark do we use the Windows Phone 7 to snap a picture of?

    Answer: The Houses of Parliament

    Good luck!

    EDIT - I`d only click `Enter Competition` once to save spamming, as it seems to go through, but there`s no confirmation message.


    Yea I'm not sure if that form is working it just seems to hang for me.

    form wont accept my email address

    I can't type my email address in the box - when using Safari.

    When I tried Firefox I can type my email address but the problem now is that it doesn't seem to do anything when I click Enter.

    same issues for me


    doesn't seem to be working for me

    Can get email to work but enter button does not work.


    can't press enter either =(

    Didn't work on Firefox either.

    Lovely pointless Flash site that doesn't even work properly.

    We'll look back one day at Flash sites like this and wonder how anyone bothered to visit them.

    Yeah enter isn't working for me either...

    Thanx Crowman
    On Firefox it took ages,so went and done something else for 15 mins.
    When I came back to the site it was "Done", (I hope)!!
    Edited by: "robinok" 16th Feb 2011

    The link to the competition does not seem to be working. I have sent an email to the runner of the comp - stuff.tv.

    Didn't work for me either

    had trouble with @ symbol, changed to ie tab within chrome not working - shame!

    No response from the promoter yet !
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