Win a lifetime supply of powercolor high end graphics cards!

    Simply guess who will win this year's world cup and if they win, you get a lifetime supply of the best graphics card.…spx

    Note that this consists of exchanging your existing card for the newer one, each time you wish to "upgrade."


    So this lifetime supply, what if I put it in my nephew's name and he wins...he is two years old. Will he get a lifetime supply, even if he lives to be 100??? It says nothing in the T&Cs about being over 18...!


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    Should be able to although when they come to the "check your identity" when he wins, they may make a remark that your newphew's very clever.....

    BTW, make sure they don't get hold of the card, you may not see it ever - when he grows up to high school age (when most people start playing games heavily.)

    Thanks for this
    It's timing out for me I'll have a try tomorrow if I remember
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