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How much do you remember from the year in travel? Tackle the questions below for the chance to win a luxury holiday for two to St Moritz, courtesy of Suvretta House and Leading Hotels of the World. One entrant will win a holiday for two people to St Moritz courtesy of Suvretta House and Leading Hotels of the World. The prize includes return flights between the UK and Zurich, return train tickets between Zurich and St Moritz, three nights' accommodation (including breakfast), one dinner in the Restaurant Suvretta Stube, one dinner in the Restaurant Chasellas, and transfers to and from St Moritz station.

Please see comment #1 for my answers, good luck!

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San Francisco Airport recruited LiLou to help calm the nerves of anxious fliers. Who or what is she?

A therapy pig

San Francisco Airport recruits therapy pig to calm stressed passengers

The Queen, who celebrated her 90th birthday in 2016, has taken 271 foreign trips to 128 countries during her 64-year reign. But which of these has she never visited?

The Queen has never visited Madagascar, Cuba or Peru as part of her official state or commonwealth visits

What bizarre new “artwork”, free for visitors to use as they see fit, opened at the Guggenheim in New York?

A fully-functional gold loo

Guggenheim's solid gold loo to open to visitors (to use as they see fit)

Which city did Telegraph Travel readers name the world’s best for a fourth consecutive year?*
Cape Town

Best city Cape Town
Cape Town scooped the best city award, also for the fourth consecutive year.

The Carbuncle Cup, awarded to Britain’s worst new building, was handed to a 31-storey tower block described by judges as a “putrid, pugilistic horror show”. But what is its official name?

Lincoln Plaza

Lincoln Plaza is "a putrid, pugilistic horror show that should never have been built"

"My first expedition? Canoeing in Sussex. We even had trouble with the natives; a retired Army major screamed at us when we had to traverse his garden.” Which noted explorer shared this childhood memory with Telegraph Travel?

Sir Ranulph Fiennes

Sir Ranulph Fiennes: 'My first expedition? Canoeing in Sussex - and we even had trouble with the natives'

An airline’s move to weigh passengers before they board provoked the anger of residents from which islands?

American Samoa

Airline's move to weigh passengers before they board draws complaints from American Samoans


Which corner of our fair country did Anthony Peregrine, somewhat generously, describe as “England’s answer to Tuscany”?*

The Forest of Bowland

England's answer to Tuscany (but you've probably never heard of it)
Drystone walls imposed order, but not much. Clouds swept across the sky, anxious to be elsewhere. I flung my arms wide and cried: "Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Forest of Bowland"


What consolatory gift did bigwigs at Amsterdam Schipol Airport send to Heathrow in response to the UK government’s endless procrastination regarding a third runway?

A strawberry and lime gateau



Speaking of Heathrow, the airport received 25,200 noise complaints during the summer months. But what proportion of them were made by the same 10 people?


Plans for the world’s largest hotel, a 45-storey behemoth with 10,000 rooms, were unveiled in August. In which city will it be built?




BBC One’s The Night Manager sparked interest in which holiday island, also known as a magnet for cyclists?



“Do you speak Tourist”, a website offering advice for hoteliers and waiters dealing with overseas visitors, was launched by French tourism authorities. What did it suggest Britons spend much of their holiday money on?

Duty-free booze

When it comes to shopping, the British are “not too bothered” as they tend to “save their spending money for duty free”. Cheers!


According to Gill Charlton, our consumer correspondent (and a former B&B owner), what is a “dead giveaway” for a guest’s general cleanliness?

Their toenails

I would also whip the handmade Indian quilt off the bed if I spotted signs of slobdom on arrival. This was easiest in summer as - bizarre though it may seem - the state of someone’s toe-nails is a dead giveaway.

David Attenborough’s Planet Earth II taught us that the highest concentration of nesting peregrine falcons can be found where?

New York City

Similarly, New York has the highest density of nesting peregrine falcons who hunt and soar among the city’s skyscrapers as if they are in a scene out of Spider-Man.

Why did we describe US carrier Baltia as the “world’s worst airline” this year?

Because 27 years after launching, it has still never flown a single passenger
The world’s worst airline? In 27 years, it's never flown a single passenger.
Baltia Airlines, founded in 1989, has never operated a commercial flight

Which airline announced plans to fly non-stop from Britain to Australia?


The first non-stop flights between Britain and Australia could be confirmed within weeks, according to Alan Joyce, the chief executive of Qantas.

The Castle of Zafra and the Bardenas Reales, both in Spain, appeared in which TV drama?

Game of Thrones

Attentive Game of Thrones viewers will have spotted a brand new filming location during the third episode of season six.
The Castle of Zafra appeared as the Tower of Joy. Spanish locations are taking an increasingly prominent role in series six. Almeria, Girona and Peniscola are all due to appear, while the badlands of Bardenas Reales in Navarre have already starred as the Dothraki Sea.

“I once ate a sheep’s head. The face was nice, but I couldn’t deal with the eyeballs.” Which follicly-challenged Briton shared this gruesome memory with Telegraph Travel readers?

Greg Wallace
Gregg Wallace: 'I once ate a sheep’s head. The face was nice, but I couldn’t deal with the eyeballs'

Which is (still) the world’s best country, according to you?*

New Zealand

1. New Zealand


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