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NOTE: Questions with my answers are in comments #1 and #2
Complete our end of year travel quiz for the chance to win a four-night Nile cruise for two people, from Luxor to Aswan, courtesy of luxury specialists The Ultimate Travel Company and award-winning Oberoi Hotels & Resorts.
The prize includes return flights from London with EgyptAir, courtesy of the Egypt Tourist Authority, private transfers, and accommodation in a Luxury Cabin on board The Oberoi Zahra Luxury Nile Cruiser, including all meals (food only).

On board The Oberoi Zahra, guests will discover ancient monuments, magnificent temples and 5,000 years of Egyptian culture. The cruiser offers some of the most spacious accommodation on the Nile, with state-of-the-art amenities and large windows looking out onto the river.
Guests can also enjoy traditional dance and musical performances, while the vessel features a beautiful spa and swimming pool.

QUESTIONS with my answers are in comment #1 and #2

Good luck!


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A new gadget designed to stop plane seats reclining caused a flurry of in-flight fracas. What is it called?

The Seat Stopper
The Leg Protector
The Knee Defender <===========
The Shin Shielder

The Knee Defender safeguards precious legroom by preventing the seat in front of you from reclining any further


The Shangri-La at the Shard opened its doors. But which unusual feature surprised early guests to the London landmark?

A fleet of former Miss Worlds employed as maids
Mirrors on the ceiling
Complimentary mini-bars
Windows that let guests spy on the room next door <==== ANSWER

Button operated black out blinds effectively keep out the light at night; if you keep them open you are likely to see many reflections, including of the occupants of the room next door, as I did, due to an unexpected design fault that has given the Shard a new name: the eyeful tower.


Which novel were visitors to Thailand strongly advised to leave at home?

The Beach
1984 <========= ANSWER
Lady Chatterley’s Lover
Anything by Jeffrey Archer

Travellers heading to Thailand have been urged not to carry a copy of George Orwell’s dystopian novel 1984


What prompted a Korean Air executive to have a flight attendant ejected earlier this month?

Her nuts were served in a packet, not on a plate <==== ANSWER
He wasn’t wearing a tie
She discovered he supports Arsenal
Mrs Doubtfire wasn’t one of the in-flight movies

Korean Air Lines executive apologises for delaying a flight after flight attendant in first class offered her macadamia nuts in a bag, not on a plate


A dating app for air travellers was released. What is it called?*
Mile High
Wingman <====== ANSWER
Cabin Fever



Sublimotion, inside Ibiza’s Hard Rock Hotel, unveiled a 20-course tasting menu - reputedly the world’s most expensive. How much does it cost per person?

£1,235 <=========== ANSWER

What does £1,200 - the price, per person of dinner at Sublimotion, Ibiza - buy you?


“What we’d witnessed was a blur – which I can witness any time I want, just by shaking my head violently from side to side, and without leaving home”. What annual spectacle - which this year began in Yorkshire - is our columnist Anthony Peregrine describing?

The County Cricket Championship
Skipton Sheep Day
The Great North Run
The Tour de France <============ ANSWER

Is cycling the world's worst spectator sport?
Le Rosbif Writes: The Tour de France will see salivating crowds stake out distant mountainsides. What's the point, asks Anthony Peregrine


A trio of Italian towns - Termoli, Citta della Pieve, and Ripatransone - waged a war of words over what?

Which has the narrowest alley <========== ANSWER
Which has the strongest grappa
Which is the birthplace of Casanova
Which invented tiramisu



Which London restaurant became the hottest meal ticket in town, attracting the likes of David Cameron and Kate Moss?

The Cotswold Constabulary
The Quantock Clinic
The Chiltern Firehouse <====== ANSWER
The Pennine Precinct

The Chiltern Firehouse has become London’s hottest celebrity hangout - even David Cameron paid a visit this week.
Who might I spot?

Lily Allen, Kate Moss.........


The Mauritshuis in The Hague, one of the world’s greatest but least-known small museums, reopened this year following a restoration. Which is its most famous resident?

The Mona Lisa
The Laughing Cavalier
Whistler’s Mother
The Girl with a Pearl Earring <========== ANSWER

the Mauritshuis is perhaps the best place to absorb the world of the 17th-century Dutch "interior" exemplified by Johannes Vermeer, whose Girl with a Pearl Earring is the star exhibit.


See comment #2 for remainder!

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The Government cracked down on term-time holidays – but what is the maximum fine for parents who take their children out of school to go away?

£6 per child
£16 per child
£60 per child <======== ANSWER
£160 per child

Ministers have also introduced tougher fines for truancy, with parents being forced to pay £60 for allowing their children to skip school


Which city was named the world’s most “fun”, thanks to its cheap beer, superclubs and wide variety of adult entertainment?

New York
Berlin <====== ANSWER



What was erected in the Place Vendôme in Paris – much to the consternation of locals?

A statue of Wellington
Public baths
A giant sex toy <================ ANSWER
A huge billboard promoting longer working hours



Which Mediterranean island - described by the 19th-century writer Edward Lear as “pomskizillious and gromphiberous” - did couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie visit?

Gozo <====== ANSWER

With Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie enjoying an extended stay in Gozo, we've unearthed 18 fascinating facts about the island
1. Edward Lear described Gozo’s coastal landscape as "pomskizillious and gromphiberous".


Taisto Miettinen and Kristiina Haapanen from Finland pipped a British pair to the title at which prestigious sporting event?

The Baby Jumping World Championships
The Wife Carrying World Championships <===== MY ANSWER
The Bog Snorkelling Championships
Wimbledon Mixed Doubles

NOTE: I think they have made a mistake here, a different finnish couple won the race

A Finnish couple - Ville Parviainen and Janette Oksman - won the 2014 World Wife Carrying World Championships on Saturday
The winners crossed the line in 63.75 seconds; just a second ahead of Britain's Rich Blake Smith and Anna Marguerite Smith, winners of the UK's seventh annual wife-carrying contest back in March.


According to the German newspaper Bild, British holidaymakers possess three of the following ailments. Which one have we made up?

“Underwear amnesia”
“Vodka cough”
“Beach blubber” <====== ANSWER
“Welsh wandering hands”

The article lists "underwear amnesia", "vodka cough", and "Welsh wandering hands" among the ailments that afflict Brit tourists.


“Move them to first class, and don’t put them in the loo” - these were the genuine instructions provided to British Airways recruits for dealing with what particularly grisly problem?

A death on board <===== ANSWER
Air rage
Passenger intoxication
The discovery of snakes

What do airlines do with dead passengers?
Cabin crew at British Airways have revealed how they deal with a death at 30,000ft – “move them to first class, and don’t put them in the loo”


Which historic Kent airport - which played a role in the Dambusters raid - closed in May?

Manston <======= ANSWER
The discovery of snakes

Manston Airport closure 'bizarre', says union
Historic Kent airport that played a role in the Dambusters raid will close later this month


British holidaymakers were left “traumatised” after a Monarch pilot, on a long-haul flight from the Caribbean, told them that a technical problem could have led them to what?

“A mid-air collision”
“A transfer to a Ryanair flight”
“A quick, watery grave” <======= ANSWER
“A rerouting to Benidorm”

British holidaymakers were left "traumatised" last week after a Monarch pilot told them that a technical problem could have led them to "a quick, watery grave".


168 units of alcohol - the average weekly consumption of whom, according to a survey published in August?

Cruise passengers <====== ANSWER
Club 18-30 reps
Ski chalet hosts
Aeroflot pilots



if you spot any error(s)/have different answer(s) please let me know

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Wow, thanks, that's saved me a whole load of work, I knew about 5 of these and could guess another couple but was about to set out on the long and thankless task of looking up the rest so really appreciate you sharing the fruits of your labours


Thank you so much! Great effort member...
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