Win A Mercedes C180 Kompressor - [E:19/12/04]

    Win a Merceds C180 Kompressor when you register free with…g=1 CLICK HERE TO ENTER

    Cash alterantive offered £17000.00p…asp TERMS + CONDITIONS

    Closes 19th December 2004



    Win a Merceds C180 Kompressor when you register free with … Win a Merceds C180 Kompressor when you register free with HERE TO ENTERCash alterantive offered £17000.00pTERMS + CONDITIONSCloses 19th December 2004

    its a really nice prize, but the pic of the mercedes on their website jogged a memory at the back of my mind, so i did a bit of detective work, and found out that the company behind this, IPT Ltd, who seem to be heavilylinked with the dodgy business of spam and junk mail/junk telephone calls (Search the page for IPT they are mentioned a few times), they are also the company behind and, i used to do the competitions on but got fed up of receiving tons of spam from them, both over the phone and via email, which you have to accept if you want to sign up for any of their competitions.

    Theres also seems to be very little solid evidence of anyone actually winning any of their spectacular prizes, i think thats the key to their success they offer a really cool, often almost unbelievable prize, then hook in loads of innocent people, when all they really want is your personal details so they can spam you to death, they have no intention of sending out the prizes. They also make you fill in loads of surveys like other sites, but those sites usually give you some kind of reward in return, whereas i found this company dont seem to give anything back, apart from junk mail and calls.

    if you want some proof to back up my claims, try doing a google search for theres quite a few disgruntled users of that site out there, and i believe that is the main front for IPT Ltd. The sneaky thing is they seem to keep starting new websites / companies to try and run away from the bad press. Though they still advertise the same competitions...

    From all my searching on google, and heres a sample the most anyone seems to have won from them is mousemats and mugs, and even then they are a really crap at actually sending them out.

    IMHO i would steer clear of IPT and any of their subsidiary companies, as its are more trouble than its worth... unless you have a penchant for email spam, junk telephone calls, mouse mats and mugs

    Original Poster

    :lol: That's made me laugh a bit! As I am sitting here with my mouse on a MY OFFERS . CO. UK mousemat lol

    But! That is some really useful information if you don't trust this company.

    I agree with you about the spamming but it's all competition related or user information [as you say] collected about businesses you use or items you might be buying in the future. All of it is "opt in", so if you enter any competition like this, just don't opt in for any other offers.

    Also, I've never heard of anyone winning other than a mousemat or mugs :roll:

    Thanks for that though steeev!
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