Win a Porshe Boxster (and help BBC Children in Need a the same time).....

    I think EVERYONE should do this, you have a chance of winning a car and at the same time doing something for charity!

    Basically text you a penny to '62226' (will be donated to BBC Children in Need) by using paypal mobile and you're in for a chance to win a Porshe Boxster!So even if you don't win you would of done a good deed :thumbsup:

    Details here:……che

    I've sent my 1p...fingers crossed!:-D


    sent, cheers for the spot

    So you give 1p to charity, yet "Texts charged at standard text rates"? What is wrong with giving them some of that text rate like normal.

    What other Junk will they text you though?

    given it a go wish me luck guys :-D

    Thanks for this All those pennies add up!
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