Win a script from Neighbours' 4000th episode, signed by all

    Win a script from Neighbours' 4000th episode, signed by the cast!

    Toadie: It's hard to imagine a time when I didn't live in Erinsborough.
    Stuart: Yeah... anyone would think that the world began when you were born.
    Toadie: I know! Sometimes I think that too! Oh... you were joking. Anyway, now we're putting the fans to the test. How much do they know of the 20 years of Neighbours?
    Stuart: Get all the questions right to win a real script from the 4000th episode of Neighbours, signed by the cast!
    Toadie: Don't forget to look in your browser for clues!

    8 questions to answer…iz/

    Closing Date: Sunday, 6 February

    Question 1 of 8

    How did Daphne Lawrence meet her future husband Des Clarke?

    A She ran over his dog, Prancer
    B He borrowed her tape of The OC
    C She ruined his vegie garden
    D She stripped at his buck's night

    Question 2 of 8

    Who did Terri Inglis marry in 1986, and later try to shoot when she was pregnant?

    A Harold Bishop
    B Paul Robinson
    C Lou Carpenter
    D Karl Kennedy

    Question 3 of 8

    Jane Harris turned from an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan. What was her nickname?

    A You Tarzan, Me Jane
    B Plain Jane Super Brain
    C Mr Jane
    D Hairy Harris

    Question 4 of 8

    Dorothy Burke, stern headmistress, ran over a revered resident of Ramsay St in 1991. Who?

    A Harold Bishop
    B Bouncer the Dog
    C Jim Robinson
    D Helen Daniels

    Question 5 of 8

    Who did horrible Fiona Hartman ring after Jim Robinson had a heart attack?

    A The ambulance
    B The local doctor
    C Jim's financial adviser
    D Radio Erinsborough 3AK

    Question 6 of 8

    Who rejected Toadie after he fell in love with her while doing articles at a law firm?

    A Sindi Watts
    B Lil Bishop
    C Maggie Hancock
    D Susan Kennedy

    Question 7 of 8

    Who was the longest serving character on the show until their retirement in 1998?

    A Helen Daniels (Anne Haddy)
    B Cathy Alessi (Ellspeth Ballantine)
    C Madge Bishop (Anne Charleston)
    D Hannah Martin (Rebecca Ritters)

    Question 8 of 8

    Which character was first played by actor Darius Perkins?

    A Paul Robinson
    B Scott Robinson
    C Joe Mangel
    D Mark Gottlieb

    You scored 8 out of 8

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    Thanks for this Also for all those answers

    Would love to win this for my wife
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