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Found 19th Feb 2014
Win a ŠKODA Yeti Outdoor with our Yeti Ice Competition

To celebrate the launch of the New ŠKODA Yeti and New ŠKODA Yeti Outdoor, we’re offering you the chance to win the Yeti Outdoor that we’ve frozen inside a giant block of ice.

The ŠKODA Yeti Outdoor Elegance 2.0 TDI CR 170PS 4x4 model has been frozen in a huge block of ice in Covent Garden, London. To enter the competition, you must guess the total combined weight of the car and the ice.

To give you a clue to get started, the car weighs 1,465kg.

Enter your details into the form on the right to be in with a chance of winning.

Good Luck.

Terms and conditions apply.

The competition closes at 9am on Monday 24th February
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X) thanks
great find Haigy

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Thank you
Thank you
Oh dear, i looked at the very top picture, where the ice is carved out to spell yeti and made my guess based on that. Silly me, hasnt a hope in hell of winning this, but thank you very much for posting the comp haigythescotsman, very much appreciated.
Enter button not working in FF, Chrome OK though, thanx haigy
Thank you
Many Thanks
Thanks haigy
Unusual competition and quite taxing YETI think I have the answer ,,,
Many thanks
Thank you, it will probably disappear down a great big hole before the end of the competition.

Thanks Haigy Pure stab in the dark, I guessed 21,715 Kg
Thanks Haigy. The car measures 4.22m long x 1.95m wide and 1.69 m high. Just to give you an idea of the box size.
It looks to be inside a perspex box.
The ice is only an outer casing about .5 m thick.
Comp says ice + car.
Good luck.
Not very good with weights but worth a go lol Thank you
Many thanks .
I just entered comp and kind of worked it out as if it were actually encased in ice. Only after did I read Cakey24's post that it's in a perspex box and the ice is only .5m thick. In that case my guess was way out!
Many thanks
Excellent find...thank you and were's bluming Sherlock when you need him !!
I think that blocks are just 25 cm deep.


Ice Blocks for carving are approximately 1m x 50cm x 25xm and weigh around 110kg each
Thanks haigy. Good luck
Thanks haigy good luck!
Looked on Facebook to find the answer.
It weighed in at 11,185 kg.
I was sooo close... But didn,t win, it was someone called Elaine.
Oh well, back to other comps.
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