Win a Softphone headset

clicky on the linky:

good luck everyone



entered!! thank you.

Thanks very much Saxo. Entered


Thanks saxo :thumbsup:

Original Poster

goody lucky !


Got an email yesterday saying i have won one of these headsets worth £29.99:

Hi there,Congratulations! You've just won a FREE headset from BT, so you … Hi there,Congratulations! You've just won a FREE headset from BT, so you can start making FREE crystal clear Softphone to Softphone calls over the internet. It's in the post on its way to you soon.Get 10% off a second headsetNow all you need to do is figure out who you want to talk to for free – and we'll give you a 10% discount when you buy another headset at the BT online shop. Visit [url]www.bt.com/shop/headsets[/url] to make your selection and enter this voucher code at the checkout: SOFTHSET. Voucher codes are valid up to 26th June 2007*.Yours sincerely,The BT Softphone Team

Thanks very much for this competition Saxo.

Thank you, had a go

Is the prize worth the time of filling the form out? LOL
Yeah, I guess it probably just about is. Thanks

Original Poster

Tatey did you win ?????

u jammy lad lol

congratulations mate, your the first ever person on here that has actualy won anything from the competions on here

I think i should get a prize, oh wait i am getting one lol. It should hopefully arrive soon, ill take some pictures when it does. Once again thanks Saxo for telling me about this competition, maybe ill ring you up while using the headset just to thank you lol.

Original Poster

lol enjoy your prize mate :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Entered thanks

Have just entered, thanks Saxo :thumbsup:

Well done Tatey :-D

Still hasnt arrived yet but i would assume that it should arrive on tuesday since its a bank holiday this mon.


Nice one :-D

STILL hasnt arrived, thats 10 days since they said it was in the post and on its way to me. I tried to email them asking where it was but the email just got bounced back saying it couldnt be delivered.

I was really looking forward to it arriving.

Is the comp closed then? The form's still there

Original Poster

It might still come Tatey :thumbsup:

MIGHT is the word. Im not getting my hopes up again lol. It will probably come in like 6 months time.

mine's not arrived yet either

Original Poster

have you not sent emails to the company ?

Thanks, Entered.

It arrived today, a month late, but atleast it arrived. It seems really good quality, i havent really used it yet but i probably will soon.

Entered Thxs

Original Poster

great, at long last lol

Form is still there so I gave it a shot.
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