Win a trip to New Zealand

    hi all, I really want to go to New Zealand, but havent yet :-( I'll try this…tml


    Wheres the link? I really want to go to New Zealand too!!

    Been there already (4 months 'working' out there:whistling: )

    Would love to go back. Now, if only I could find that link....

    Is this one of the LOTR puzzle games? I think the link is in pixel M5.

    Think it could be this one though - ]Virgin win a trip to NZ

    Original Poster

    Sorry guys :thinking:

    Thanks! :thumbsup:

    My brother lives there - would love to go and see him!

    Done cheers.

    Entered, thank you Nataly! :-D

    Whats the answer please?! My work won't let me access the site to find it out...

    the answer is 34 for those that don't want to waste a moment longer

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