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    Rwanda is remarkable. This small nation offers a wealth of experiences. Though most famed for its mountain gorillas – and rightly so – there’s plenty more to see. Amazing birds, breathtaking scenery, unique culture, fascinating history: a visit to Rwanda offers the best of African wildlife and an uplifting view of the continent’s future.
    Incredible culture

    Kigali is a modern African capital teeming with ideas. Stroll its museums and markets by day and celebrate with dancing and local food at night. The city’s most moving sight is the Genocide Memorial Center – inaugurated on the tenth anniversary of the genocide, it provides insight into the tragic events of 1994.

    Dance is a mainstay of Rwandan culture. The finest displays are by the Intore (Chosen Ones); they dance traditional jumping routines in grass wigs, clutching spears. Live performances can be seen at cultural villages, museums and lodges across Rwanda.

    If you want a unique souvenir, look for imigongo (cow-dung paintings) and woven peace pots, available from craft markets. Rwanda also has the perfect climate for growing tea, and many of its mountains are cloaked in lush plantations. Take a tour – around Nyungwe, Gisovu or Gisakura – to find out more about your favourite brew.
    Amazing animals

    Rwanda is among Africa’s most exciting birding destinations, with over 650 species. Volcanoes NP, Akagera NP and Nyungwe NP are real hotspots – look out for red-faced barbet, shoebill and papyrus gonolek to name a few.

    Also, Rwanda has primates aplenty: colobus monkeys, L’Hoest’s monkeys, grey-cheeked mangabeys, baboons, pottos… the list goes on. Volcanoes NP is home to the endemic golden monkey; the quality of sightings here is superb. One of Rwanda’s most charismatic primates is the chimpanzee, 400 of which live in Nyungwe NP. An easy hike into the forest with a skilled tracker may provide close encounters.

    Of course, you can’t ignore the gorillas. Tracking these rare creatures through the Virunga Mountains in Volcanoes NP is often described as life-changing. Expert guides will lead you through the jungle to one of the fully-habituated gorilla families; you then get to spend an awe-inspiring hour in their company – sixty minutes you will never forget.
    How to Enter

    Rainbow Tours, Kenya Airways, Magic Safaris and Rwanda Tourism are offering you and a friend the chance to win a wonderful week-long Gorillas, Chimps and Monkeys in Rwanda trip, including gorilla tracking in Volcanoes and chimp trekking in Nyungwe. Just answer the following question...

    Q: How many mountain gorillas are estimated to be left in the world? a) 880 b) 3,000 c) 10,500

    Answer-a) 880


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