Win a Wacom Bamboo

Found 16th Sep 2010
The Bamboo is the first interactive tablet combining multi-touch and pen input, ushering in a more intuitive, simple and inspiring way to work with your computer.

The Bamboo is the perfect tool for self-expression and personalisation – so whether you are producing essays, presentations and blogs, or communicating with your friends and family over Facebook or Twitter, the Wacom Bamboo has lots of handy tools that enhance the way you use you computer and enable you to be creative.

Merging pen and touch technology into one device brings the best of both worlds, making it even easier, quicker and more fun to use your computer. With the Wacom Bamboo, a simple tap with a finger on the digital pad will select an icon, open a menu or start an application. In addition, a gesture using two fingers enables you to simply rotate an image or document, flip through a digital photo album or presentation, scroll through a blog or an excel sheet and zoom in and out of a photo or map.

A downloadable ‘Dock’ is also available with the Bamboo, sitting neatly on your desktop it enables you to access many small applications called ‘Bamboo Minis’. These Minis are an ever-increasing series of small but useful applications that enable you to do anything from digital doodling and sketching, to adding handwritten notes to a map or playing addictive little games.

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