Win a wireless MP3 Player! : 28th February 2005

    Win a wireless MP3 Player!

    A simple pair of headphones, right?
    Wrong. This is in fact a wireless MP3 player, with all the clever technology bits encased within the headphones! Just when we are being inundated with more and more gadgets to get wired up to, we are offering you the chance to liberate yourself from wires! You can now listen to music at the gym, at work or on the commute without having to stash your portable music system somewhere about your person. Well, you could even dance around to music at home naked and hands free without any worries, though close the curtains first.

    We've got four pairs of these fabulous 512MB MP3 players to give away thanks to This is the most compact and easy to use MP3 player we've ever seen, with a stylish headphone strap that fits around the back of the neck. You don't need to worry about batteries as there's an in-built lithium battery with a 10 hour life, and discreet switches on the headphone to skip between tracks and adjust the volume.

    Say goodbye to wires, and enter the competition. Simply answer the easy question below.

    Question: Which of the following terms is short for a kind of wireless local area network?




    The competition closes at 10am on the 28th February 2005.

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    Thanks for the link and answer.

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