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Found 29th Sep 2010
As we all know too well, these autumnal days of drizzling rain and sudden up-gusts of wind can wreak havoc on your hair and create horrendous frizz. It’s enough to make you despair – especially as this season it is all about sleek, glossy locks.

So if your hair seems to take for ever to dry and then only stays in style for five minutes, a rather ingenious solution known as Keratin Complex may be the answer you have dreamed of.

Keratin Complex is a revolutionary new smoothing system that infuses keratin (the protein building-block of hair) deep into the hair cuticle. By doing so, it eliminates up to 95% of frizz and curl, leaving the hair softer, smoother, shinier and easier to style. And it last for up to three months.

“We have been really amazed at the results from Keratin Complex,” says Louise Howard-Long, the owner of Architect Hair in Leeds. “For some of our clients it has actually been life changing!” she adds. “Frizzy, uncontrollable hair is replaced by smooth silky locks in great condition. And because the client is no longer a slave to the straightening irons, the condition of the hair gets better and better.”

Although the promotional price tag of over £150 for this treatment may sound expensive, it is offset by all the money saved on intensive conditioners and the endless hours spent drying and straightening hair. In fact it works out at just over £10 per week for guaranteed beautiful hair – what a bargain!

Keratin Complex is ideal for dry and/or over-processed hair that is vulnerable to frizzing. A consultation is required before an appointment can be booked.

This prize is subject to hair type, if the winner’s hair is not suitable an alternative treatment will be offered. Competition closes 15th October

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