Win an HD DVD player and 300 on DVD! [E: 25/10/07]

welcome to the forum chuffy, and fantastic 1st post
Those questions took some googling - must be out of touch with TV!

Thanks for the post.
Thanks for the info - answers for those who are struggling with it:

1. Frank Miller
2. Mr & Mrs Smith
3. Jennifer Hudson
4. The Chuckle Brothers
5. Optimus Prime
6. Quagmire
7. [SIZE=-1]Peter Serafinowicz
8. Captain Scarlet
9. Darth Maul
10. Planet Express
11. Vince Noir
12. Mrs Doyle
13. Alex
14. Christopher Ecclestone
15. Bruce Willis
Cheers for the answers
entered, thanks :thumbsup:
15 outa 15 ,nice one iceman
entered thanks man.
Entered, thank you Chuffy.. also thank you for the answers Iceman!:thumbsup:
Thanks, entered

And thanks for the answers too
Got them all right - Thanks :thumbsup:
Thank you Chuffy & Iceman
Thanks Chuffy and Iceman_ali Good Luck
damn it why didn't i scroll down further to see the answers....been googling and still got it wrong! hehehehe
entered cheers
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