Win an Innis & Gunn Lager Beer Glass!

Posted 8th May 2022

CONDITIONS SUMMARY TERMS UK, 18+. Opens 00:01 01/03/2022 to 23:59 01/09/2022.

Internet access required. Purchase necessary, NI no purchase necessary via post and email. NI entries must be received by 10/09/2022.

To enter promotion, entrants must purchase promotional pack of 4x440ml Innis & Gunn Lager Beer, scan QR code or visit then enter name and email address.

Entrants will instantly receive validation email and must click the link provided to be notified of whether they are a winner.

Prize: 1x Innis & Gunn Lager Beer Pint Glasses, 5000 available. Retain proof of purchase.

Max 1 entry per person/email per week. Max 6 prizes per household.

Entrants who enter at a randomly allocated winning moment will win, 5000 winning moments available across the promotional period.

Winning moments roll over if not claimed.

No guarantee all prizes will be won.

Unsuccessful entrants will receive 10% discount code to spend at

Full terms and NPN details:
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  1. NP23's avatar
    LoveMeRight08/05/2022 17:30

    Thanks, I love beer glasses!!

    You're very welcome! Good luck You can try again in 7 days if you don't win
  2. NP23's avatar
    dellboy7508/05/2022 22:01

    Just won one, thanks very much

    Yay, well done!!!!! You're so welcome
  3. RedNWhite's avatar
    Thanks OP
    Never known a competition prize/promotion to be delivered so quickly!
  4. psychobitchfromhell's avatar
    Didn't win
  5. nandy's avatar
    47487872-uvlgL.jpgThanks NP just won (edited)
  6. NP23's avatar
    nandy22/05/2022 19:52

    [Image] Thanks NP just won

    Yaaaaaaaay!!!!!!!!!!!! (Well done
  7. LoveMeRight's avatar
    It took me 9 weeks but I won!
    NP23's avatar
    No way!!!! That's fantastic, well done
  8. NP23's avatar
    cuzzy30/05/2022 10:41

    Won, thanks op

    Yaaay, You're so welcome! Well done!!!
  9. LoveMeRight's avatar
    Thanks, I love beer glasses!!
  10. dellboy75's avatar
    Just won one, thanks very much
  11. paul_vellins's avatar
  12. NP23's avatar
    RedNWhite11/05/2022 17:56

    Thanks OP [Image] Never known a competition prize/promotion to be …Thanks OP [Image] Never known a competition prize/promotion to be delivered so quickly!

    Yay, well done and thanks so much for your pic That looks great
  13. NP23's avatar
    Just entered again after 7 days and...

  14.'s avatar
    No win , but will try again in 7 days.
  15. cuzzy's avatar
    Won, thanks op
  16. NP23's avatar
    Mr.cool30/05/2022 10:27

    No win , but will try again in 7 days.

    Aww fingers crossed for next time Mr C
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