Win Ark Bird Food Premium Suet Products, worth more than £49.00 @ Ark Wildlife

Fat and suet is an excellent food for wild birds all year round, but particularly in the winter, as the fat used is a highly concentrated form of energy essential to maintain body heat. Cakes, fat balls, titbits and blocks are a favourite food of many winter garden bird species, inlcuding blackbirds and robins (who love suet titbits) and tits (fat balls), as well as other more exciting visitors such as woodpeckers and nuthatches (cakes and blocks). Therefore offering a combination of different suet and fat products, that suit birds' preferred feeding style, can attract a greater diversity of birds to any garden.

The prize consists of...

4 x mixed 800g Suet Cakes
4 x mixed 340g Suet Feast Blocks
3kg mixed Multipack Suet Titbits
25 x Premium Fat Balls

What suet product is best for blackbirds?
Fat Balls
Suet Blocks
Suet Cakes
Suet Titbits>>>>ANSWER


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