Win 'Big Train' on DVD

    Win 'Big Train' on DVD

    Big Train steams out of the comedy tunnel as realism meets utter stupidity in a cavalcade of daft sketches performed by high-quality actors in a series of stunning costumes and vast sets reminiscent of the worst excesses of DW Griffith. There are also lots of sketches in offices. Along the way we meet shy policemen, pop stars chasing jockeys, a duck in danger, hens in armed combat, a confused Transport Minister, highly charged sexual politics and casual, though necessary, violence.

    Please answer the question below for your chance to win the following question and fill in the form below.

    Which Matt Lucas character was the 'man with scores' on Shooting Stars?


    The competition closes on Tuesday, December 14 at 11am (BST).


    The answer is George Dawes.

    Thanks for this comp & the answer... Best I do it right away

    Original Poster

    Thanks for the answer, now i can do it
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