I have 12 bottles, giving 6 away.

This time next week will randomly choose 6 users who have replied to this thread...

Good luck! :arrow:

- acecatcher3


Tried it? Brought up on it lol

Used to love Tizer when I was a kid.

Original Poster

How would you like a sample of the new BLUE Tizer - not released yet!

Ah... now that bit of information was missing when I answered

I hadn't even heard of blue Tizer, but I'll try it when I can

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Ok, well a friend of mine works at Tizer and he's given me a crate of 12 bottles of Blue, it tastes great, I want to give some away to forum members,s o I've decided to give 6. All you need to do is reply to this thread, and in 1 week, I will randomly draw 6 users who have replied...

Good luck!

tried the green and purple would love to try blue


mmmm tizer! haven't had that in aaaaaages

What does the different flavours taste like ?

is there any difference in taste or is it just a different colour

Mmmmmm, yummy! Nice one Shyam Does the blue one make your mouth blue when you drink it?

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Basically... looks red, tastes blueberry!

love the olde tizer cracking drink and nice and refreshing , when this out in shops?!

never even tried tizer!!!!

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Now being sold in shops all over!
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