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    Was just wondering - has anyone actually won any competitions that they have entered?

    Since having my daughter and being at home i tend to enter a few when i have a spare 30 mins however i never seem to win anything!

    Just wondered whether anyones luck was better than mine!


    i havnt but my dad has, yopu have to enter a lot to reap any rewards really, he won vodka, some towels, and a £35,000 saleen mustang

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    i usually enter around 30 a week i'd guess

    I won £1500 gift card once from a comp on here!

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    Guess i'm either unlucky or need to enter more lol

    i went through a brief phase and entered around 200 all at once.. dont think i heard anything back from any of them, its also difficult as everything just looks like spam in your inbox nice to have a seperate address u run it all through

    no doubt Money saving expert has a big section telling you the best process for doing all this.. thing you can actually register on a bot that fills a lot of stuff out for you aswell...

    I enter about 20 or 30 a day and have had a few wins over the last year, best being a break in Cyprus and £1000 of John Lewis vouchers. But also smaller prizes of tickets, blu-ray, cd etc but it can be many months rather than weeks between prizes.

    2 weeks in Barbados, a coffee machine, DVDs, some clothing, & various other stuff.

    Someone has to win, so keep trying!

    I was wondering the same thing after I've been entering a few in my spare time.

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    guess so! i've been entering since about November last year, find freebie deals are better, that way atleast i get something!

    I won DVDs,HD TV,Blu-ray player,£500 dream list,Hampers,Toiletries,& much more.
    I enter as many as i can each day.

    won a 42" LCD tv at the end of last year with a website comp!

    i won a £2.50 amazon voucher here woohoo

    i won a Wii, HDTV, a mini fridge and 100 cans of fanta

    I won a holiday to cuba, thanks to HUKD

    Literally won a HTC ChaCha about half an hour ago


    Literally won a HTC ChaCha about half an hour ago

    i didnt even know what that was, looks weird!

    Ive won a few. I go through phases and just enter loads.

    Roboform really does help.
    You need to be consistant and enter a lot.
    You will get junk mail, its maybe an idea to have a dedicated email address

    Prizes can vary, i usually get a few together and then none for ages mostly little things. I have won a stokke cot, a really nice portable dvd player, dvds, gift cards, games and a couple of hampers. One of my fav was actually a rechagable torch (sad i know)

    On the subject has any other compers ever come accross anyone who has won any of the ITV comps?
    Ive stopped entering them as i suspect they dont put the online ones through. Also anyone won any weekly magazine comps?

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