Win Dune DVD

    I loved the book! Mind you that was yeeaars ago :lol:

    Theres a quiz to answer


    1 B
    2 C
    3 B
    4 A
    5 A
    6 B
    7 C
    8 B
    9 C
    10 A
    Then it gives you a code to put in the entry form

    Closing Date 17th December…tml


    This post is part of this…tml which was a day earlier...

    That makes this post a dupe...


    A couple of hours earlier, not a day, it didn't mention the Dune dvd in … A couple of hours earlier, not a day, it didn't mention the Dune dvd in the title and it didn't give the answers, so I wouldn't call this one a dupe. But the post in that thread that gave the codeword after it was posted here was definitely a dupe.

    Put it this way... if this wasnt considered a dupe then the other 4 posts of Miss Piggy's containing 32 itemised comps will end up as 32 separate threads just to increase someones post-count... which is total madness...

    as for mentioning dune in the title... There simply wouldnt have been room the list 32 comps in just 4 titles... but every comp title was listed very clearly in each thread!
    Now, If you or anyone else, simply types 'dune' into the SEARCH, you will find the original post of Miss Piggy's comes up, as she had listed DUNE clearly in her post, like all posters should do... plainly somebody didnt use the SEARCH, did they...

    Perhaps, peeps can now see the importance of adding as much info as required to a post, as it really helps a SEARCH when looking for dupes etc..

    now to your last reference, if we were to waste our time searching for responses in duplicate posts like you seem to imply, all the 'thankyou' post would be duplicates too, & that would be madness, wouldnt it...
    So we obviously only search for the main posts not replies...

    if it concerns you that much then I would suggest you personally do a 'SEARCH' to see if you are about to post on an original or duplicate thread... then perhaps you will stay happy for this time of year...

    I would suggest any more queries like this, should be in another section to avoid a deviating to far from the original topic...

    Phew everyone take a deep breath

    Like most things it's the spirit of the law that's important rather than the letter of the law, let's not become legalistic hair splitters. I agree with some of the points made by both sides here so we'll just let it slide. I'm more concerned with that attitude in which posts are made and the history of a poster. Believe me I have a black book (not the one for phone numbers, the one for coal) and there are definitely some names in it

    I think we're having a few growing pains as a site and the best way to work through them is by working together. Big thanks are due to all you guys here who are doing so much to create and nurture this community!

    Personally I found this post more usefull - im not a fan of competitions so would have been very unlikely to notice this competition - despite the fact the prize does actually interest me.

    Saying that If I was actually looking for a specific DVD I sure as hell wouldnt type it into a search box on forum as 99% of the time with DVD's theres rarely anything - id just check the usual DVD sites and order. Thats just me tho.

    Im noticing a very disturbing trend of "old-timers" bashing those people with smalller post counts on the grounds that they must be trying to get the free flash drive or whatever. People are just trying to be helpful. The title of the post is "4 great comps from BBC" I hardly think itt ould be that hard to list 4 prizes in a title.

    Sorry admin, you posted whilst I was typing.

    My main point was actually aimed at enthusizing that "REPLIES" cannot count as dupes & clarifying why... & that was all this silly cat & mouse post lark was all about...

    with the totally unrelated additional pointer, enthusizing the extra usefulness it is to the search engine with posters adding more data than just a link...

    nuf said...

    Im off to find more goodies... byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    Original Poster

    Actually, I DID use the search facility!!!!! It gave me no posts matching my search.

    To clear up any misunderstanding, what I put into 'search' was the link, as I usually have found that will give me more accurate info than putting in one or two words- that often gives hundreds of totally unrelated posts!

    This was posted purely as an attempt to give others the chance of a prize I myself would love to win

    The reason I didn't put in the 'code' was that I wasn't sure that it would come up the same for every entry, I thought the correct answers would be more useful and obviously the same for everyone.

    While, yes, I would like to win a flash drive, it's not the be all and end all, my aim is purely to post comps, freebies etc that I think others may find useful. I am NOT purely posting to get my numbers up to qualify, some days I have posted nothing at all, or very little as I have found little I consider worthwhile.

    Personally, I find posts with the prize in the title much easier as then I know whether I want to enter or not, which is why I try to put that info in my posts.

    I apologise for posting a duplicate, it was not my intention, but I did use search in what I thought was the best way at the time. This morning I have done about three or four searches for each new post in order to avoid this happening again! :roll:
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