Win Free EaseUS licenses

Found 31st Mar
I believe the following are included in the giveaway:

EaseUS Partition Master Professional 11.10
Professional partition manager software helps you resize, create, move, merge, delete, format disk partitions.

EaseUS Mobimover 3.0
EaseUS Mobimover helps you transfer data from PC to iPhone/iPad.

EaseUS MobiSaver for Android 5.0
EaseUS MobiSaver helps retrieve all lost data back on an Android phone.

EaseUS Todo PCTrans Pro 9.8
EaseUS Todo PCTrans Pro can be used to easily transfer data and applications to a new PC/OS.

EaseUS Todo Backup Home 9.2
EaseUS Todo Backup Home makes it easy to back up data to avoid data lossMight need to clear cookies and try again if you don't get the preferred utility first time.

The keys do not change so looks like they are fixed. Not sure if it's acceptable to post on this forum.

Keys expire on 3rd April, so be quick!

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EaseUS MobiSaver

Just won EaseUS MobiSaver for Android 5.0. THANKS!!!
You can repeat the quiz in incognito mode (keep closing window and opening new one) to get different products!
pooool9 m ago

Just won EaseUS MobiSaver for Android 5.0. THANKS!!!

I opened and closed thrice and ended up with 3 copies.
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Are all the license keys are the same? I got MobiSaver on 2 difference devices with the same license code.

*Edit* Just read OP comment, looks like all keys are generic.
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This is the stupidest competition I've ever seen. It literally asked me what animal is in the firefox logo, and failed me because I chose fox, telling me the correct answer is a red panda...


If the keys are generic just post the keys.

"Note: License Key Expiry Date: April 3rd, 2018"
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EaseUS Mobimover
Version: 3.0
License code: ZEZX5-LQC9I-19BHP-S3Q6C-3QD3S
Download: download.easeus.com/trial/mobimover_trial.exe

EaseUS Todo PCTrans Pro
Version: 9.0
License code: KSUZR-RY1Y4-U8SYW-F57PB-3YW9W
Download: download.easeus.com/trial/pctrans_trial.exe

EaseUS Partition Master Professional
Version: 11.10
License code: NL177-LSER7-EIP7H-AL6AU-PD8C3
Download: download.easeus.com/giveaway/EPM_11.10_Trial_SETUP_OB.exe

EaseUS MobiSaver for Android
Version: 5.0
Download: download.easeus.com/trial/emsa_trial.exe

EaseUS Todo Backup Home
Version: 9.2
License code: GJW36-HYNTJ-3W484-MT1F3-5XCRR
Download: download.easeus.com/giveaway/TBhome_Trial_9.2.exe
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These may be free copies but, unless I have missed something, they are all old versions of the software?!?
cibarious23 h, 24 m ago

These may be free copies but, unless I have missed something, they are all …These may be free copies but, unless I have missed something, they are all old versions of the software?!?

Correct they are all old copies, you didn’t actually think they would give away the latest paid for edition free? If you are inclined to use this software then the latest copies which are free anyway will probably be suffice.
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