Win prizes daily at Greggs by hunting the pumpkins

Found 10th Oct 2010
search for the pumpkins on the site and click them to see if you've won something , i got something by doing it twice .I won a buy one get one free voucher on chilli lattices.

Tip-Theres one on the about greggs page, the halloween page, the menu page
i think its mainly Bogof vouchers you win


Cheers, got some bogof voucher

i got bogof on a cake, can u only doit once? its not coming up with the goods the second time around

can u only win one per day?

Yeah, it's one per day.

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you can only win one a day yes

x won a voucher thank you i will be entering once a day x X)

delete your cookies and the pumpkins appear again

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i got a BOGOF on spooky ring buns today

bogof toffee apple lattice nom!


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bogof toffee apple lattice nom!

yes i love those

Thanks BOGOF spooky ring bun

Thanks, igot a bogof voucher....yipee!
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