Win PS3 & the Pirates Trilogy on Blu Ray (E: 7/12/07)

    From The Film Factory:

    Captain Jack Sparrow and co. are back in PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN AT WORLDS END on Disney DVD and Disney bluray. To celebrate, we have some great prizes to give away!

    Win the entire PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN trilogy on Bluray DVD, packed full with extras and special features!
    For your chance to win a copy of the PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN trilogy on Bluray DVD and a Playstation 3, answer the following question:…tml


    Thank for that.

    Thanks alot - I only entered because I want the Pirates trilogy on Blu-Ray, although the PS3 would be a nice bonus ;-)

    Thanks, entered :thumbsup:

    Thats classic, i just went to register and got told i couldnt because my surname (Ball) is a banned word... brightened my morning

    Thanks entered :>)

    tahnks entered

    thanks just entered

    Entered, thank you!

    thank you!

    Lol well I shan't bother entering if they won't accept Ball as a surname as thats mine too! Thanks for the heads up!:thumbsup:

    thanks entered

    Thanks entered

    Cheers, entered

    Why miss out on comp cos ur name is filtered, just change it.

    Thanks for postin this

    Thanks a lot.

    Erm whats the answer, none of them are on the cast list

    thanks entered, plus I entered some of the others on the site

    Erm whats the answer, none of them are on the cast list

    Answer is Keith Richards

    Entered thanks
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