Win speakers with Pringles (and other prizes)@ Facebook

Found 2nd Dec 2012
Win a pair of Pringles Speakers by clicking on the Pringles Christmas tree (I just won a set)

Prizes Are:
92,500 x Pringles music speakers to be won which will be delivered via post to the winner.
19,058 x digital prizes to be won which will be delivered direct via email to the winner:
5,744 x 7Digital music voucher (3 tracks, £4.11)
5,028 x KOBO e-book promo code (£5)
4,886 x Zinio e-zine gift card (£8)
3,400 x iTunes gift code (£10) - iTunes is a trademark of Apple, Inc., registered in US and other countries. Apple is not a participant in or sponsor of this promotion.
Community Updates
i won as well, does everybody?
MMMMM not sure, sorry
LOL so did I! Heat added!
There are LOTS of prizes see list above, its a good chance we will all get speakers
i won a speaker managed to open two cans too. so a pringles protector (like that'd help). Anyways thanks OP
Thanks, I won a speaker too................xxxxxxxxxx
I won a speaker too lol, thanks!!
Speaker too. Thank you Amstar.
thanks - speaker here too
Yup I won a speaker too.. Just hope they turn up!
Hot - just won one too
Thanks! Just won!
Voted HOT! cheers i used to save the tops up to get them only to find out normally their all gone by the time i have the 3 lids lol, i just grabbed a speaker
Got one
Heat from me, I just won as well

Much appreciated!!
Speakers on the way - No idea if any good but worth a go! Thanks OP
Just won a years supply of Pringles... Oh wait, I read it wrong, a Pringles speaker :-) thanks OP.
Aint working for me for some reason..

Went on the link, keeps saying to enter my email address, yet cant get past that?
Doesn't let me click on one?
nice one op. everyones a winner baby
Can't get past the email
Same, I think they may have stopped it.
Link not working for me
thanks for this-heated
Keeps saying page unavailable
Doesn't work here either. Says to click on a can but they're all greyed out and nothing happens.
Edited by: "sq999" 2nd Dec 2012
Grabbed one thanks - took a minute for it to go through though
Just got on to that makes 3 for the Kindle.
You have to be over bloody 18 to enter, Why?
Doesn't work in IE9

Can't get past the email

Me either - maybe it's the usual case of HUKD members overloading stuff & breaking it?
Everytime I click "start your pringles tree" nothing happens
EDIT: It's working now
Edited by: "Mobizzle186" 2nd Dec 2012
wont work
won't open when i click on a box
sites crashing
Think HUKD has hammered it!
just won one. extremely slowww. Be patient after each click

maybe it's the usual case of HUKD members overloading stuff & breaking it?

Damn viral marketing, how dare it work!
Got one!
It was slow as hell but be patient and itll load - bad UI with no loading ques but all good! :-)
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