Win 'The Curious Incident of the WMD in Iraq'

    Win 'The Curious Incident of the WMD in Iraq'

    This funny but very serious book by Rohan Candappa has been described as Dr Strangelove meets Michael Moore. It can easily be read in forty-five minutes: the memoirs of a Prime Minister with Aspergers Syndrome who thinks it is a good idea to launch a war in Iraq.

    The Curious Incident of the WMD is a mystery like no other. The detective, and narrator, is Anthony Algernon St. Michael Blair, the Prime Minister of Britain. He knows a great deal about New Labour, sound bites and why he makes a good leader and very little about the history of Iraq. He loves cheese and hates Gordon Brown. He discovers what he thinks is the central mystery and sets out to investigate it, but subsequently discovers a deception which leaves him forever linked in an uneasy triangle with a stumbling, inarticulate US president and a genocidal dictator.

    What is the capital of Iraq?

    Answer: Baghdad…tml

    The competition closes on Tuesday, December 13 at 11am (BST).

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