Posted 29th Mar 2021

What does PMS stand for?

  • Suggested answer - Premenstrual Syndrome

Enter for a chance to win this selection of natural CBD products.

The Prize:

Win a year’s supply of the flagship BeYou Monthly Patches which provide a discreet, natural and heat-free alternative to managing period pain and inflammation all day or night. At only 0.3mm thick they're designed from the ground up for convenience - school, work, yoga, whenever you need them! Combined with the CBD Balm, feel the ingredients supercharge each other for ultimate natural relief.

Along with that, you will receive a bottle of 4,800 MG CBD Oil known to help with period cramps, stress and irregular sleeping patterns caused by PMS. Rest assured, all of BeYou's CBD is tested externally for peace of mind.

Combine that with the Sleep Pillow Mist, and say goodbye to restless nights with just a spritz of this blend of essential oils to help calm a busy mind and get some much-needed sleep.

This competition ends on 16/04/2021.
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