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Found 31st Jan 2015
Enter daily

Just click on the prizes you would like to win then fill in the captcha & your e-mail.

Here's a few tips on the CAPTCHA if you don't already know.

NEW TIP FOR 2015 If you get a video clip don't click start just click for a new captcha you should then get one with text. You may have to click a couple of times.

No need to use any comma's fill stops or in fact any symbols

No need to use any capital letters

No need to use any spaces just write the whole thing as one word

On the ones that say describe this brand I just write fab on all of them

It also works on most of the other click & win comps

If you make 1 character mistake in the captcha then it will still be accepted, as long as the rest of the captcha is all typed correctly in order:

eg. correct CAPTCHA is "four" - "for", "fo r" and "foor" should all be accepted, however "fuor" would not be (2 characters wrong).

There is no need to type the 'standard' legible word at all - just type the slightly less legible one in wobbly letters
Community Updates
Thank you junie, not won anything yet fingers crossed. x
Does anyone actually ever win these? I have entered them loads before, to no luck.
thank you. I will keep trying.
Many Thanks
Nothing this month June, a couple just before xmas.
Good luck everyone
No..... But thanks anyway x
thank you
My last win was before Christmas as well, but it was a laptop so not too shabby! Nothing from Clicks Win though...yet
Thank you
Thanks justjunie and good luck

Good luck all. Has anyone one anything good this month on any of the … Good luck all. Has anyone one anything good this month on any of the Clicks comps? xx

Won DVD box set via a CTW posted here, few month back. (only entered a couple of times)

Still awaiting one from yours though! LOL
Thanx June 24300935-04FHr

Thank you
Thank You junie. Best of luck all.:)
Many thanks
Thank you
have been doing clicks wins prizes for 2 years hav never won thinking of giving up now
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