Win yourself a Pyramat Sound Rocker worth £149.95 (E:

Found 5th Apr 2007
From Firebox, an easter egg hunt.

Don't normally give clues but you might need some help on this!

Theres nothing like a good Easter egg hunt: the pointless clues, the rushing around, the hours of searching only to be rewarded with one measly chocolate mini-egg.

Here at Firebox we like to do things differently, which is why if you find the FIVE Easter eggs weve hidden around the site, you could win yourself a Pyramat Sound Rocker worth £149.95!

That's right, we've been hopping around like Easter bunnies and have cunningly hidden five Easter eggs on the Firebox website - when you've found and clicked on all the eggs you'll be able to enter your name & address in our competition!

Here are some clues to help you on your way:

Egg #1: Let's start you off gently with a REALLY easy one to show you how the game works - just click the egg below to get started! No help required on this scroll down the page!

Egg #2: You spin me round round baby right round with this digital gramophone. USB Turntable

Egg #3: "Knock knock" "Who's there?" "Doctor" "Doctor..." Ok, enough of the bad jokes- is that your phone ringing? Doctor Who phone flashers

Egg #4: They say the pen is mightier than the sword. Frederick would certainly agree, it looks like he's been killed by one! Dead Fred Pen Holder

Egg #5: OK, last egg to find. Have you had a good look at the product page for the prize we're giving away? (Too subtle for you? OK, what rhymes with "Swing a Cat Round Locker"?) Pyramat Sound Rocker

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Thanks Aggy!

Another good comp.

I might have managed 4 of those clues on my own, but was grateful for the answers anyway!
Thanks Aggy. Given this a shot too
thanks for that!
Thanks for the comp Aggy! :thumbsup:

Welcome to hukd's filkitz
Thanks. And thanks for the answers.
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