Win10 desktop quick access showing as audio folder

Posted 23rd Jul 2020Edited by:"slimy31"
My PC has decided that my desktop folder is actually an audio folder, so instead of file size, created date etc I get track number, title etc. Normally I'd just go to customize and change it back to a 'general items' folder, but that doesn't work for the quick access link. If I go to 'c:\users\me\desktop' it looks normal. Here's the two headings together, the top one is the headings from the Desktop folder and the bottom one is the same but using the quick access

I also thought about deleting the quick access link and making a new one, that's not available either. So does anyone know what I can do to turn the quick access desktop link back to a 'general items', view? I'm happy to get stuck into the registry if that's what is required.
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