Win7 on Dell Mini 9

    Posted this on the Dell mini 9 thread but prob wont get any answers there as its an old thread.

    Is it worth putting Win7 on instead of XP?

    Whats the performance like on a Win7 against XP like? i.e. general use and in boot up time (most important!)

    I can get any version of Win7 as I have MSDN so what would be best for a netbook?


    win 7 runs great on my mini 9 - about the same speed as xp to be honest plus you get all the nicer features :-D

    Oh, and mines just an 8gb one....

    most windows 7 netbooks have windows 7 'starter'. google it:D

    i've got win 7 ultimate on mine - doesn't really make any difference with day to day stuff TBH. Oh, boot times are pretty nippy although mine is always just sleeping so it's instant on.

    [FONT=Verdana]Windows 7 has also better support for SSD as well - you should consider checking out the MyDellMini User Forum as well, as they have reports on support for the Dell Mini 9 running with various operating systems including Windows 7.

    Cheers, Scotty Boy! :thumbsup:[/FONT]
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