can anyone tell me what this operating system is please excuse my lack of knowledge
    but i would rather ask than make a mistake - only i have seen a netbook that has it as its operating system and i dont know whether its a good thing or not i only want it for e mails and generally on the internet thanks very much

    9 Comments…_CE usually used for pocket PC's and PDA's not netbooks and there's a reason it was nicknamed Windows Crap Edition :giggle:


    WinCE) is an operating system developed by Microsoft for minimalistic … WinCE) is an operating system developed by Microsoft for minimalistic computers and embedded systems. Windows CE is a distinctly different operating system[citation needed] and kernel, rather than a trimmed-down version of desktop Windows. It is not to be confused with Windows XP Embedded which is NT-based. Windows CE is supported on Intel x86 and compatibles, MIPS, ARM, and Hitachi SuperH processors.

    ]http//en…_CE. If you only want email and internet this is good.

    it's ]windows CE , it's not worth getting a 'netbook' that runs CE, it's far too limited. Is the netbook you're refering too one of those ones from Maplin that always get posted on this site and always end up really cold??

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    the netbook i have seen is on e bay


    the netbook i have seen is on e bay

    A netbook that too from ebay???? Avoid !

    I don't know if Windows CE itself is particularly bad, but having it installed on a netbook means the hardware is non-X86 and won't run normal programs so e.g. any website that uses flash (and their are quite a few) won't work well or at all.

    I would advise against, it will be very limited compared to os's on current netbooks

    what item is it?
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