Windcheater Jacket

    I'm thinking of buying this Superdry Windcheater coat and i got a few questions first.

    Does anyone have one? If so,

    Is it warm? I want a winter coat and this looks quite warm.

    I can get it for £33 with discount codes



    how for 33 give me the codes please :-D

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    help first please

    my brother has one. it's okay for autumn but not for december-january and the cuffs are quite restrictive .


    help first please

    never had a jacket like that before but it looks pretty warm, i'd buy it! :thumbsup:

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    i wouldnt mind one either, how do you get it down to £33 though?

    i own one and would agree with the guy who posted previously, that this jacket is excellent for autumn, but it is not going to keep you warm in december and january


    Not warm, and very small made so buy a size or 2 up

    are these the ones that my nan buys from the ad at the back of the radiotimes?
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