Window 10 Pro Gen Keys

    hey guys am looking for window 10 pro key on ebay, all sellers selling for around £5 to £7 and I see loads of people buying that keys, are they really Gen copy and why so cheap I checked price on Microsoft and other store they r very expensive.



    Perhaps some bright spark has broken the coding and can generate his/her own codes, or a hack has revealed a load.

    Either way, if they are not genuine, M$ might invalidate them, or as win10 is doing so badly, it may allow them to flourish, as this will boost the apparent numbers of the traffic watching nets, and encourage business users to convert from Win7.

    Me?? They will get my copy of Win7 64 bit Pro when the prise it from my cold dead hands.

    They are usually OEM codes hence why so cheap (meant for manufacturers rather than private buyers), so will only work with a completely fresh install each time usually, the seller may also get greedy and sell the code to a lot of people getting it deactivated. Worth a gamble.

    More likely that they are Volume Licence Keys.


    More likely that they are Volume Licence Keys.

    Probably not, VL Keys need to be re-armed via an internal VL server nowadays...

    As others have mentioned probably OEM keys from corporate purchased machines that will never be used due to a standard corporate image install that will be used instead

    You can actually just buy a Windows 7 key as they are cheaper. Download ISO of Windows 10 from Microsoft and use the Windows 7 key to activate Windows 10.

    You're asking whether an ebay seller offering a 97% discount over what reputable sellers are offering a product for is legitimate?
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