window cleaning?

    i want to buy a window cleaning round from a distant relative and wanted to ask

    if anybody out there new what things i should check before purchasing

    only have basic details here they are:
    5week rota of work
    comercial and resdiential/domestic
    the round is worth £4500 selling price. but asking for £2000

    thats all the info i have until i speak later to him

    +plus all done traditional method



    The customer list for 2000 is a great deal. :thumbsup:

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    what are u gettin for £2000?

    all i know until i speak to him later its just the round (not sure but he makes£1500 a month) i dont no any details

    i know its hard to work with but thats all info i got


    depends how bad the credit crunch gets, dirty windows may be the least of some peoples worries, also my friends husbands one and in bad weather cannot work something to do with being uninsured in certain weather conditions

    Ask to see his books.

    Go for it mate. People worry too much about things I think. Fresh air, exercise. Within two months you have earned your money back and at least you are earning. Do a good job and people will hate to have to say they don't want their windows cleaned anymore. I think we need to start being a nation of workers again and not let others do our hard work for us.... Sorry will get off soap box :whistling:

    got my respect for gettin off your [email protected] and getting out to work. check his books and tax returns, also confirm with his customers that he does actually own the round
    good luck

    Have you looked into Insurance.
    If you are unable to work you will need to be covered, also if you was to cause an accident you should be covered.
    Are you a sales-person? As you may need to go out and get a little more business, just a couple of things if you have not already thought of them.
    Good luck

    Also having flyers and posting in neighbouring post boxes will help towards advertisement.

    Original Poster

    thank you everyone

    im telesales at mo so i have put a few pounds on.

    used to work on building sites in the past and i want to get out the office again and do a little hard work

    and yes got insurance etc all sorted

    thank you

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